Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Wrap-up/TBR Takedown!

{Monthly wrap-up books}
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House of Dead Maids (review up soon) * Pushing the Limits * The Walking Dead #1, 2 (review up soon) * Arclight
Children’s Books
Bats at the Ballgame * Pecorino’s first concert * My Mom Has X-Ray Vision * Moonpowder (review up soon) *  The Cloud Spinner (review up soon)

For TBR Takedown I will only be choosing books from the book jar one at a time. So for future TBR’s there will only be one book listed and of course everything I read will still be mentioned on my end of the month wrap-up. I will have a video up on my YouTube page soon showing all the books in my jar.

{Monthly TBR books}
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Book Jar Pick
Let me know below what your wrap-up or TBR look like.

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