Monday, June 17, 2013

Mini Monday #42

Mini Monday: Where my son and I do two “mini” reviews on two children’s books. Each book will get a Thumbs up, Middle Thumb, or Thumbs down rating!

World on a String by Larry Phifer
Illustrated by Danny Popovici

Hardcover, 36 pages
Published June 4th 2013 by Storytime Works

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Picture book that offers a uniquely uplifting perspective on loss.

World on a String is the story of a young boy, Charlie, who finds and befriends a big red balloon. Soon, Charlie and his balloon become best friends. They play together. They go to school together. They do everything together.

Then, one night, Charlie’s balloon comes untied in a thunderstorm. At first, Charlie is very sad. He imagines that his friend is lost, tangled and all alone.

However, by remembering the happy times they shared, Charlie is able to shift his perspective, deal with his loss and, ultimately, he imagines his balloon as a very important part of the starry sky.


This was a cute story about a little boy and his balloon. I loved the artwork in this book. The illustrator did a great job with the overall coloring of the pictures. The happy times were brightly colored and the sad times had a darker hue to them.  Definitely recommend checking this out.


My Rating:


Bats at the Ballgame by Brian Lies
32 pages
Published September 6th 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Books for Children

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Hurry up!  Come one—come all!
We’re off to watch the bats play ball!
You’ll never forget your first game: the green so green, the presence of heroes past, and togetherness with family and friends, rooting for the home team.   But you think humans are the only ones who enjoy America’s national pastime? Grab your bat—the other kind—and your mitt, and join these captivating bats as they flutter off to watch their all-stars compete. How about a mothdog?  Or some Cricket Jack?   In sweeping compositions that transport fans to the rightside-up and upside-down world of bats at play, Brian Lies treats us to a whole new ballgame.


My son really enjoyed this book. This is one book of what looks like three that follow around bats at different places. This book is about a bunch of bats having a baseball game. It is pretty neat because the fans are hanging upside down on the ceiling watching the other bats play ball. This book is also a rhyming book which my son and I tend to enjoy more.  It was also neat how the author turned Cracker Jacks into “Cricket Jacks” and a “mothdog” instead of a hot dog. My son liked that. I will be keeping my eye open for the other books by this author.


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