Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten All Time Favorite Books in “X” Genre

So I have decided to do away with my normal Tuesday post, 2B Tuesday, and replace it with this! I felt my post was getting a little boring and this is so much more fun! This week’s topic is a great one to start out on. It is your top ten all-time favorite books in the genre of your choice. I chose DYSTOPIAN! As of right now this is it. It’s not in a definite order but it is pretty close. I also didn’t include more than one book in a series/trilogy that way it would be more diverse. I’m certain I’m forgetting something major and I will think of it well after the post has gone up.

My Top Ten All-Time Favorite Dystopian Books

10. Revolution 19 (Revolution 19, #1) by Gregg Rosenblum
9. Uglies (Uglies, #1) by Scott Westerfeld
8. Enclave (Razorland, #1) by Ann Aguirre
7. Article 5 (Article 5, #1) by Kristen Simmons
6. Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1) by Lauren DeStefano
5. Swipe (Swipe, #1) by Evan Angler
3. Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1) by Tahereh Mafi
2. Uninvited (Uninvited, #1) by Sophie Jordan

So you may notice a couple pretty big books (Divergent series, Legend series, etc.) It’s because I haven’t read them... I know… Shameful! They are on my TBR for the year though so this list could very well change. All of these books were really good and highly recommend all of them!

What are your favorite dystopian books??


  1. I love Meyer, and Ness is great, too. I only read Mafi off this list, too, but was a bit of a let down. I will however read on.
    The rest are all on TBR. :)
    Happy reading!

  2. I absolutely loved Cinder! I haven't read many on this list, but I'm planning to. Uninvited looks so good! I can't wait to try it.

  3. I am so behind on dystopians atm, which is why most of these made my list of dystopians I am dying to read. I have read Uglies and The Knife of Never Letting Go and loved both! I also recently read Uninvited and absolutely loved it, I gave it 5* but I wrote my list before that so it didn't make it on there. I am going to be starting the Lunar Chronicles series soon, very excited for that. Great picks and thanks for stopping by my post :)

  4. The knife of never letting go has been on my to-read list for so long. Glad you recommend it. I'm also a huge dystopia fan. Thanks for stopping by my TTT.

  5. Cinder, Shatter Me & Uninvited are 3 of my favourite dystopians too! I loved them.
    I still haven't read Wither or The Knife of Never Letting Go, but I plan to get to them both this year!
    Great list :D


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