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Review: Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz (Graphic Novel) by Eric Shanower

*Warning* This is the 4th book in a series and might contain spoilers!

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz by Eric Shanower (Original story by L. Frank Baum)
Marvel's Oz Comics series, #4
Hardcover, 184 pages
Published September 26th 2012 by Marvel
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When an earthquake swallows Dorothy, her kitten Eureka and cousin Zeb, and Zeb's horse Jim, they're captured by the Mangaboos! The Wizard of Oz must save them by winning a magic contest - using only his wits and nine tiny piglets. Then: watch out for the savage Invisible Bears, who devour anyone they catch! Dorothy and her friends race across the Invisible Valley, trying to reach the spiral staircase inside Pyramid Mountain. But halfway up the mountain lives the strange Braided Man! Plus: Dorothy meets her old friends - the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Cowardly Lion and more! And Eureka is charged with murder for eating one of the Wizard's piglets! The Wizard of Oz has a secret plan to save Eureka, but can it possibly work? Don't miss this thrilling installment in the critically acclaimed Oz adaptations! COLLECTING: Dorothy & the Wizard in Oz 1-8.

My Review:

Dorothy sure does get herself into a lot of strange accidents. In this story we see Dorothy in a train headed to Hugson’s Siding. She is meeting someone to take her to Her other Uncles farm to see her Uncle Henry. Throughout the train ride she mentions having lots of earthquakes. Just a couple frames after mentioning this she they feel a couple more rumbles then a huge one that cracks the ground wide open.

We meet Zeb, Dorothy’s cousin, and his horse Jim. We also meet Eureka, Dorothy’s smart mouthed cat. I’m would like to know whatever happened to Toto! Anyway, Dorothy, the cat, horse, and her cousin all fall into the crack and continue to fall for a very long time. Eventually they end of floating down to what is obviously a fairy land, not only a fairy land, but the very bottom of it all. We also get to see our old humbug of a wizard, Oz, and a bunch of cute tiny pigs.

The gang must make their way through the many levels of fairy land to make it to top. This book wasn’t my favorite of the four that I have read so far but it was still good. I can’t really go into much detail with this book without spoiling the book.

They do get to meet all the rest of the characters from the second book. Even the deer head! We see Jim the horse and the saw horse get in to a race which turns out to be pretty funny.  There is also a trial for the cat’s life at the end of the book.

The sketches for the new characters and the covers for the comics were all included at the end, as it is with the other books. I can’t wait to see how the series ends. I would also like the pick up the original books to see how similar they are.

Do I Recommend this Book/Series?

Yes! Check out my other reviews HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Will I Read the Next Book?

Yes! According to the cover of the next book we get to see Toto again!

My Rating:

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