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Review: Zombie Kid Diaries: Grossery Games by Fred Perry

Zombie Kid Diaries: Grossery Games (Zombie Diaries #2)
by Fred Perry, David Hutchison
Release Date: July 31, 2012
Publisher: Antarctic Press

Not willing to let being a zombie spoil his dreams of pro-gamer stardom, Bill Stokes is all fired up to win against a visiting game champ.

But he's got a trio of troubles threatening to ruin his chances: The class has a Thanksgiving trip to Camp Woodchunk that same weekend. He's got to take care of Froufou, the yappy (but yummy-smelling) poodle from next door. And his personal bully, Steve, has a whole new way to humiliate him: a one-man, live-recorded "game show" called Gross-eries!

When Steve gets to run his little game during the whole class trip, Bill gets to be his unwilling star, and it's just about all his zombified nerves can stand!

I have to say that this was definitely better than the first one. I will admit that I wasn't incredibly excited to read this one but I went ahead anyway just so I would know what happened next. This time I would actually like to know what's going to happen in the next book. I have a theory on the bullies and I would really like to know if I am correct.

I felt the story in this one was a little better than the first one and it felt like it was really going somewhere. However... The other did the same ripping off the names by barely changing them. ie: Mal-Mart, ePhone, and the worst one.. Thin Tim. As in "Slim Jim" he even had a sketching that looked like same packing and he used their catch phrase but with his name. "Snap into a Thin Tim" I'm pretty sure my jaw really hit the desk when I saw that one.

That was really the only thing that bothered me. Besides the fact that I'm really confused about whether this is the same book that has already been released last year but with a different title (Diary of a Zombie Kid).

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