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Review: Snitch (Bea Catcher Chronicles, #2) by Olivia Samms

Snitch by Olivia Samms
Snitch (Bea Catcher Chronicles, #2)
Series: Bea Catcher Chronicles, #2
Release Date
: April 1st 2014
Publisher:  Skyscape
: 246
Genre: Young Adult – mystery, fantasy, paranormal
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Secrets. Lies. They smother. But the truth—sometimes the truth is worse. It kills. Leaves blood on your hands.

As the days count down to her eighteenth birthday, Bea feels trapped. Trapped by her dark past, by her parents’ expectations, even by her own dreams for the future. The road ahead is unclear, blurred with secrets and lies.

The only constant, sure thing in her life is Sergeant Dan Daniels. He’s faced with a gang-related murder case and asks Bea to use her “skill” to see and then draw the truth out of the suspect...literally. But when she does, it leaves her with more unanswered questions. And then another teen is shot—clinging for his life.

Time is running out. Can Bea find the killer before someone else gets hurt?

*This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

Bea is only days away from turning 18. Ever since she convinced Willa, her now best friend, to turn in the serial killer that beat and raped her, she has been secretly working with the sheriff to solve some small cases. A new case has come up, involving a lot of weed and a dead 17 year old. The Sergeant thinks that the kid that has confessed to the killing is innocent and knows things that he isn’t saying. The sergeant asks Bea to draw what she sees from him.

Bea is starting to feel lonely. Her best friend Chris has been accepted to the college of his dreams and Willa is dating a bully that just happens to be Bea’s next door neighbor. Bea’s parents are also having problems of their own. Bea makes some mistakes interfering in her parent’s problems and she is just ready to leave and get some space of her own.
I love the relationship between the sergeant and Bea. Since there is an age difference they are obviously not allowed to be together. When the two of them are interacting it is probably my favorite parts. I found myself rooting for the Sergeant even though Bea has a boyfriend who is super friendly. I did feel sort of bad for him. She was sort of leading him on by not telling him her true feelings for him.

As with the first book, Bea has placed herself right in the middle of a murder case by trying to solve things without telling people. She has a tendency to put herself in the mist of drama with no regard to her own safety. Sometimes I wish she would think about what she was doing before just jumping into things.

The writing is nice and it is a pretty fast paced book so I didn’t have any problems reading it. I never found myself getting bored or wanting to put down the book. Because I enjoyed the first one, and it is a pretty short read, I knew this would be the perfect book to pick up to get over a reading slump.

I’m not sure if there is going to be a third book because this book has a pretty open ending but I would love to see what happens next. Especially with what happened at the end, there are many possibilities. I recommend picking this series up if it sounds interesting to you! This is definitely a pretty unknown series, as I haven’t heard anyone talk about it. I read the first one for review also so if you would like to read my review for it, check that out HERE! I would love to own physical copies of both of these books!

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