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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: Psycho Inside Me by Bonnie R. Paulson

Psycho Inside Me by Bonnie R. Paulson 
Psycho Inside Me

Release Date
: November 30th 2013
Publisher: Captiva Publishing
: 265
Young Adult – Contemporary 
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I killed my first victim at thirteen years old – my age, not his. He was going to rape me, him and a couple of his friends. And so, I killed him. And then… I killed again. And again.

At seventeen, I’m killing four to six times a year – maybe more. Don’t stress out. I only go after the pedophiles and rapists. There are more out there than I could cover in a lifetime.

Saying I did this on my own would be selfish. Enforcing justice holds a glory all its own. But now, my lifelong friend and backup, Deegan, has been arrested. I have to decide if I want to give myself up and take his place or leave him with all the damning evidence. I don’t want to stop killing. But if I let him take the fall, I can’t kill anymore. And I need to keep doing that.

But the worst part of it all? I love him.

This book follows around Cassie, a preacher’s daughter. She hasn’t really done anything wrong in her life and she follows the Ten Commandments that have been drilled in her head. This all changes on the day that a group of kids show up at Cassie’s little getaway spot with not so good intentions. Her life takes a drastic turn when one of the boys in the group, Bobby, decides that he is going to take Cassie’s virginity and Cassie is too scared to do anything. Then Deegan comes to the rescue. This is where Cassie’s sick obsession of killing rapists and pedophiles comes into play.

The book goes through a few years of Cassie’s life. Starting at her first murder when she is 13 and ending at 21. I like books that jump ahead like that. It usually keeps the book going a little quicker. There wasn’t a bunch of filler stuff just to make the book longer. The fact that Cassie’s dad is a preacher only comes into play a couple times during the book. This is more to play on the stereotype that preacher’s daughters do no wrong.

Deegan and Cassie have a sick relationship that starts on the day of her first murder. Deegan is two years old that Cassie and I believe that she being 13 and he 15 makes a big difference. If you are a feminist you might not like this book because he is continually there to save her. Every time she puts herself in a bad situation she says that she wishes he would come rescue her. I think it would have been a little more exciting if she would have done a few more murders by herself. She does however become a little bolder, and psycho, as the story progresses.

The more she kills, the more she feels that she has too. She would do it every year on the anniversary of the first one and she also wanted a prize so she could remember them. These are like the perfect examples of a serial killer. Deegan fuels this inside of her because he urges her to get the things to remember her victims and helps her get into shape. She falls for him very quickly even though he stays away from as much as he can.

The fact that this book has a lot of talk about rape, and obviously murder, I would say it is definitely for more mature audiences even though the age of the characters fit in perfectly for young adult. I also feel that this book falls victim to the synopsis that gives away too much. It is however different than anything I have read, it seems pretty original with the vigilante take, and it is definitely fast paced because of the length.

I recommend it if you are into these types of books! 

My Rating:
(close to a 3/5 star)

 *I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


{About the Author}
There are people who know a lot about a little, we’ll call them experts. Then there are people, like Bonnie, who don’t specialize, but rather gather information like pebbles in their pockets and drop them like Hansel & Gretel in the stories they write.
The question is, do you want to follow them back?

Certified as a Radiologic Technologist, Bonnie prefers a touch of medical in her storylines. Don’t be surprised if romance somehow runs through a hospital or comes in contact with a paramedic. It’s just how she rolls. And you know there's nothing more romantic than an 18 gauge needle poking your vein!

She and her Hubs delight in dirt biking, snowboarding, fishing, cooking, eating, spending time together and more with their adorable children.

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