Monday, November 4, 2013

Mini Review: Glitter & Doom by Bethany Griffin

Glitter & Doom by Bethany GriffinGlitter & Doom (Masque of the Red Death, #1.5)
Series: Masque of the Red Death, #1.5
Release Date
: March 26th 2013
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Format: ebook
: 50
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A 50-page, digital-only novella set in the world of Bethany Griffin's dark and haunting retelling of the classic Edgar Allan Poe story Masque of the Red Death. When a rich teenage girl who spends her nights in the most desirable club and a smart, young inventor meet, they might have more in common than they know.

April, niece to the dying city's cruel dictator, is Araby Worth's glittery and frivolous best friend. But she's more than she appears. And when she disappeared in Masque of the Red Death, where did she go? This short novella answers that question, taking us deep underneath the crumbling city, where April crosses paths with Kent, the serious young inventor who is key to rebellion. Glitter & Doom is a story of chilling action, of spies, and of surprising love. Can love be anything but doomed is a city that's burning down around its survivors?

A dark, unnerving story about two of the most fascinating characters from Masque of the Red Death.

Another short and sweet novella to hold me over until I can read the next book in the series. I really enjoyed Masque of the Red Death so I was pretty excited when I saw there was a novella. This ebook only has 50 pages so it isn’t much to work with but you do get a couple little filler stories from different characters.

Glitter is the first story in the book and it shows the point of view of April, Araby’s friend and the niece of Prince Prospero. This shows what happens to her when she goes missing during the first book and also how she and Elliot’s lives were when they were living with their uncle. You don’t learn anything about her disappearance in the first book so this was a good addition to the story. This gives me some extra respect for April after seeing what happened to her and how she handled herself.

Doom is the next story in the book and it shows the point of view from Kent, Will and Elliot’s friend. You don’t really get too much of him during the first book. We just knew he was an inventor. This book shows some of his childhood and how he became the inventor that he is and why he is working so hard to bring down Prospero.

While we were mainly reading April and Kent’s stories we also got more detail into Elliot, Malcontent, and even a little of Will’s character as well. I really enjoyed this novella and can’t wait to continue on with the series.   

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