Monday, November 4, 2013

Mini Review: Foundation by Ann Aguirre

Foundation by Ann Aguirre
Foundation (Razorland, #0.5)
Series: Razorland, #0.5
Release Date
: October 23rd 2012
Publisher: Tor Books
Format: ebook
: 32
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In Ann Aguirre’s award-winning novel, Enclave, humans have taken refuge in colonies below ground. Here is the story of what drove them there, told through the eyes of a teen who would later have vast influence over the fate of many, and who gave his heart to the one person who needed him most.

This is the prequel to Ann Aguirre’s book, Enclave, click HERE for my review on that. This is a very short novella so it only took a few minutes to read. I do wish it was a little longer but it did what it needed to.

This tells the story of what happened before Enclave, and why the enclave became what it was. It also says how the zombie creatures came to be. I actually read this book 3rd, after Enclave and Endurance, because I didn’t know it existed. I am actually really glad I did that because I was learning with the characters in Enclave, instead of already knowing what the answers were from this book. It didn’t make too much of a difference with the 1.5 novella but they actually have a lot to do with each other.

This novella is short and sweet and I definitely recommend picking it up if you are reading the series.

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