Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday #52

Wishlist Wednesday is a book blog hop hosted by Dani at Pen to Paper Blog where we will post about one book per week that has been on our wish-list for some time, or just added (it's entirely up to you), that we can't wait to get off the wish-list and onto our wonderful shelves.

The 39 Deaths of Adam Strand by Gregory Galloway
Hardcover, 314 pages
Published February 21st 2013 by Dutton Juvenile
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A groundbreaking YA from the award-winning author of As Simple as Snow

Adam Strand isn't depressed. He's just bored. Disaffected. So he kills himself—39 times. No matter the method, Adam can't seem to stay dead; he wakes after each suicide alive and physically unharmed, more determined to succeed and undeterred by others' concerns. But when his self-contained, self-absorbed path is diverted, Adam is struck by the reality that life is an ever-expanding web of impact and forged connections, and that nothing—not even death—can sever those bonds.

In stark, arresting prose, Gregory Galloway finds hope and understanding in the blackest humor.
This book sounds fantastic, a YA contemporary novel with that wonderful bit of drama, my favorite.  When I first heard of this book I immediately thought of the cheerleader from the TV show Hero’s, the one that could try and kill herself but immediately be healed. I’m sure this book is nothing like that show but the thought is still there. I am wondering how he is being healed and whether everyone knows he is doing this. I haven’t seen this book in my library or a bookstore so that is what is keeping me from buying it. I’m not usually an online buyer unless there are a few books I am planning on getting.

The ratings on Goodreads seem to be sort of all over the place and I haven’t seen any of the people that I read on blogs or watch on YouTube talk about this book. So I will really be going into this one blind.

Have you read this book yet? What are your thoughts on it?



  1. Ow this sounds like "fun" which is a weird word to pick with the subject but I am already curious what ways he came up with. Hope you get to read it soon!

    1. I agree! 39 different ways is an awful lot so there has to be something unique in there.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Cool pick. Sounds good.

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  3. Interesting! Hadn't heard of it before -- I hope it lives up to your expectations!


  4. Never heard about this one before but it sounds like an interesting read. I'll check it out!
    I hope you get it fast and enjoy it!
    Thanks for coming over!

  5. Heard good things about this one. Hope you get to read it soon!
    Brandi at Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  6. Sounds interesting, hadn't heard of it before! You are right, it does remind me of Heroes. I'm a new GFC follower.
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    1. Thanks for following! I checked out yours and followed you back!

  7. I've not heard of this one, but I hope you get your hands on it :) Thanks for stopping by My WW!


  8. This one was my pick a few months back, and I still haven't gotten to read it! Like you, I've heard mixed things, so I'm interested to see what you think.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! If I ever get the chance to read it there will definitely be a review.

  9. very intriguing title. i'm not usually a fan of suicide books but this seems different. will keep it in mind :)

    hope you can stop by my WoW.

    -michelle @ Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks

  10. I have never heard of this book, it sounds interesting though. Maybe kind of sad? Hope you get it soon.
    Brittany @ Spare Time Book blog
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  11. Sounds interesting. I'm interested to know these 39 different ways - it seems like a lot! Great pick :)
    Here's mine:

  12. I haven't heard of this before! I hope you get this soon, thank you for stopping by


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