Monday, February 11, 2013

Mini Review: How to Milk a Dinocow by Ian Sands

I do mini review for short stories or Children’s books that don’t fit into my “Mini Monday”. These books still get a star rating.

How To Milk a Dinocow by Ian Sands
Kindle Edition
, 61 pages
Published November 23rd 2011

If a freak milk accident that sparks life to a half cow, half stegosaurus isn’t weird enough, imagine how strange it’s going to get when Trip Stanley’s class starts drinking the milk! Trip Stanley’s best friend Jules spills a glass of creamery milk onto his uncle’s dinosaur machine and activates the contraption. A creature hatches and grows rapidly into a black and white spotted stegosaurus with and an udder. A stegcowsaurus. When the last bottle of creamery milk that Jules had planned to bring to school for show and tell is knocked over, Trip decides to milk the stegcowsaurus. Everyone in class is given a taste and the reaction causes spots and horns. One classmate even grows a tail. It’s up to Trip to figure out how to de-dinosaur his classmates and keep from getting kicked out of school, all while preventing his mom from discovering the stegcowsaurus in his bedroom. With angry classmates and an upset teacher in his living room, Trip finds a solution in his own advice, when life give you lemons you make lemonade. Realizing the correlation between milk and lemons, Trip reverses the beverages and changes his classmates back into classmates and his dinocow into a cow.

This was a cute book for elementary school kids. I got it for free on my kindle. Good thing too because the summary gives away literally everything.

There were definitely some funny parts. The whole nerds as a the bullies was an interesting take. I think the ending could have been a little better. It seemed like way to easy of a fix to the problem but it is a kid’s book so you can’t expect too much.

I would recommend this for younger children who are pretty decent readers. There are some bigger words.

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