Monday, December 24, 2012

Mini Monday #18


Mini Monday is something I created to talk about anything related to children’s books. Usually it ends up being a “Mini Review” but if it is related to children’s books then talk about it here!

Santa’s Surprise Letter by Roy Thomas

An interactive adventure for children. You take part in writing a letter to Santa because you feel he has never been given a present for himself. As the story progresses you have to try to work out exactly what Santa has asked for from a list of fourteen items! The story will have you laughing right through to the final page where there is an illustration of the gift. Can you guess what it is? Buy the book and have lots of laughs and fun!


I was extremely disappointed in this book. I expected this to be a “create your own adventure” book but it wasn’t. If you didn’t choose the “correct” choice you had to go back and choose again. This whole thing was just one story. There was no way you would get an alternate ending or anything like that.

I’m so glad it was free when I got it from Amazon because I wouldn’t pay money for this. I definitely wasn’t “laughing right through to the final page” as the synopsis says.

There is also only one illustration throughout the entire book. The synopsis says this is a “gift”. The author also uses both the names “Santa Claus” and “Father Christmas”; I think he should have stuck to using just one of the names.

This book would’ve been much better if the author would have just created a children’s book with pictures and one story.

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