Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review: What I Didn't Say by Keary Taylor

What I Didn’t Say by Keary Taylor
Self-Published - May 11, 2012
300 Pages

Getting drunk homecoming night your senior year is never a good idea, but Jake Hayes never expected it all to end with a car crash and a t-post embedded in his throat.

His biggest regret about it all? What he never said to Samantha Shay. He's been in love with her for years and never had the guts to tell her. Now it's too late. Because after that night, Jake will never be able to talk again.

When Jake returns to his small island home, population 5,000, he'll have to learn how to deal with being mute. He also finds that his family isn't limited to his six brothers and sisters, that sometimes an entire island is watching out for you. And when he gets the chance to spend more time with Samantha, she'll help him learn that not being able to talk isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Maybe, if she'll let him, Jake will finally tell her what he didn't say before, even if he can't actually say it.

I don't normally read contemporary type books but I loved this. I never cry during movies and especially not books but this one came close! It is a quick read at just a few hundred pages and it is definitely a heavy (as in serious) book. I definitely wouldn’t consider this a light summer read. However, I clearly read it in the middle of the summer and loved it.

I loved how there were essentially two story lines going on and two people growing throughout the book. It really kept me interested. I can see how this book could have taken so many different turns and ended so differently but it was great. Once I got about a quarter of the way through I book I did not want to put it down.

I really don't think I have anything to complain about. I did get a little confused at the very beginning because there was a lot of time jumping back and forth. I was starting to lose track. After a while it started to go forward though and I was fine.

I definitely recommend picking this book up!

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*This book was provided by NetGalley and the publisher in return for an honest review*

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