Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2B Tuesday #38

2B Tuesday...Where I highlight a book from my endless to-be-read list. Those books need love too!

Running Scared by Lisa Jackson
Paperback, 528 pages

August 1st 2010 by Zebra 
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The newborn baby boy was beautiful, perfect, and hers for the taking. All Kate Summers had to do is agree to disappear from Boston and never breathe a word about the adoption to anyone. Fifteen years later, Kate has built a good life for herself and her son, Jon, in Hopewell, Oregon. Still, Kate is haunted by the fear that Jon will someday be taken away from her. Then Daegan O'Rourke arrives in town and strikes up a friendship with Kate and Jon. What Kate doesn't know is that Daegan has a past of his own to hide -- and it has shocking ties to hers. Someone is watching Kate, and is prepared to go to any lengths to claim her son. And the one man Kate is tempted to trust has dangerous secrets of his own. Very soon, the past Kate thought she could outrun will explode, unearthing a legacy of lies and treachery -- and a fury powerful enough to kill . . .

Back in the day romantic suspense books were pretty much the only thing I read. That and Stephen King. Since I have gotten into YA books I have found that I don’t read nearly as much of these books. I bought this book a while ago and I’ve been thinking about this part of my bookshelf for a while. I really enjoy Lisa Jackson and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed in this.


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