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Review: Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson by Matt Groening

Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson by Matt Groening
Paperback, 120 pages

May 6th 2008 by Harper Collins Publishers
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Be among the best and the brightest with Bart Simpson's brilliant new comic collection. See Bart thumb his nose at social convention, defy authority, and outwit his classmates as he makes a little pocket change while he works for the Comic Book Guy, tries to save his beloved treehouse from demolition, and attempts to recover the grand prize-winning Krusty Burger game piece. But he also proves to be a little too big for his britches when he tries to sneak into the movies, stages a stink war and bath strike against his mother, and sails off untethered in a hot air balloon over Springfield.
My Review:

This is a collection of Bart Simpson comics, numbers 25 through 28 to be precise. There are quite a few comics in here that I really liked. So as I did with the last Bart Simpson comic review (HERE) I am only going to talk about the ones I liked.

As with the last book, this one also has a different large picture of a character reading whatever comic book is about to start. This one has Lisa, Professor Frink, Martin, and finally Cletus. These can be pretty funny sometimes. In this collection Cletus is sitting in the outhouse reading.

The first comic of the book that I really liked was Cross Country Clown. Bart wins two tickets an amusement park called Krusty’s Kalifornia Experience. He decides to take his dad with him and then proceeds to touch everything on the plane and drive everyone crazy, including Krusty the Clown who happens to be sitting in between Bart and Homer. Let’s just say the trip doesn’t end well for anyone.

Right after that comic there is a one page illustration of “What’s on Bart’s Mind”. It shows the Bart’s brain divided into a whole bunch of different sections. All of them labeled with different funny things Bart thinks of. In the center of it all is Bart’s Prank File.

Mayor Maggie would be the next one I like. This is a comic that is completely from Maggie’s point of view. Maggie ends up falling asleep while Homer is eating most of the baby food he is supposed to be giving to her. When she wakes up she finds that her family has turned into babies and the town is in chaos! She ends up being Mayor and bartender at Moe’s.

In Hot Air Buffoon Bart and Millhouse end up getting trapped in a flying hot air balloon with Lisa and no way down. Bart has to save Millhouse from falling and figure out a way to save them before they go out over the water.

Lisa stars in The Case of the Sax Solo Saboteur in which she and Marge try to figure out who is causing so many problems for her on the day before her Sax solo. She is so nervous that she feels she has to practice constantly even though she is an awesome saxophonist.

No Purchase Necessary is a pretty funny one that is a very real thing around McDonald’s Monopoly time. Krusty Burger is having a promotion for Slumlord board game. Bart happens to get the very rare piece but loses it before he realizes what he has. He proceeds to go back and eat there almost every day while getting extremely sick from the bad food and dirty kids playroom.

There is another dividing illustration stuck in after this that has cutout instructions to put on boxes to help prank other people. This is pretty funny if you really go through and read what they all say.

Finally, the last one I really enjoyed was Angry Dad in “Trimming the Hedges”. This one is a very poorly drawn comic that involves Homer and a sneaky raccoon. The whole thing was pretty good until you get to the very last couple frames and you realize what is going on. Then it is really funny.

The ones I didn’t mention are still good but this would be a pretty long post if I talked about every single one.

Do I Recommend this Book/Series?

Yes! As I said with my last Simpson comic review, if you like the Simpsons and comics then this is for you!

My Rating:

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