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Review: Big Beefy Book of Bart Simpson by Matt Groening

Big Beefy Book of Bart by Matt Groening
, 120 pages
Published May 31st 2005 by Harper Design
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The newest comic book compilation in a bestselling series dedicated exclusively to the exhilarating and extraordinary extracurricular exploits of Bart Simpson!

Bart Simpson is back with a brand-new collection of comics and stories loaded with headless dolls, evil aliens, impatient apes, crossing guards, chocolate laxatives, dreadlocks, loincloths, merit badges, computer viruses, juice boxes, bubble gum, greedy gold diggers, school pictures, parking tickets, time machines, Squishees gone bad, obsessive sailors, SWAT teams, and one big ugly fish.

It's all here in one 'beefy' book that is 100% Grade-A Bart Simpson.

My Review:

Who doesn’t love The Simpsons?!  I know I do! This is a collection of Bart Simpson comics, numbers 13 through 16 to be precise. There are quite a few comics in here that I really liked. Instead of going through all of them, I’ll talk about the ones I liked.

Time Bandit. In this comic Bart gets a job at Fink Laboratories to earn money to buy the best a present for his parent’s anniversary. He is in a competition with Lisa to see who could get the best present. While there he spots an old time machine and proceeds to go back in time and wreak havoc. The ending was pretty funny on this one. There is also a pretty hilarious scene with Mr. Burns and Smithers.

Bart Version 2.0. This comic is another one involving Professor Fink and his lab. Bart messes with a machine he should touch and creates a computer virus of himself. This pretty much leads to the end of the world. Until they find the one thing that can stop a Bart virus.

The Squish of Death. A comic about a trip to a bad part of town to get the limited edition squishee that is being sold in only select stores. This adventure is led by none other than Ralph, who is probably one of my favorite characters. Considering Ralph isn’t all there, this turns out to be pretty funny.

There is a comic with Maggie as the main character and it is my favorite comic of this set.

Invasion of the Baby Snatchers. This is a whole comic involving Maggie fighting to save a bunch of alien babies and her from some not so nice aliens. Since Maggie can’t talk, there is only talking at the very beginning and very end from Marge. The whole thing is just pictures and the occasional “suck suck” from Maggie pacifier.

There are also a couple comics where Lisa is the main character. These were ok but Lisa is such a worrier and perfect in the show and comic that it is hard for me to relate.

Diary of a Mad Sax Camper. This is a very short comic (only a couple pages) about how horrible this saxophone camp is. At least until they see who their instructor will be.

And last but not least.

Bad Hair Day. This one is pretty funny. Marge takes Lisa to get her hair done at Selma and Patty’s apartment. This of course ends in Lisa crying about her hair. In the end, Maggie ends up with a new hairdo too!

Do I Recommend this Book/Series?

Absolutely! Anyone who likes comic books or watching The Simpsons would enjoy this!

My Rating:

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