Monday, May 27, 2013

Mini Monday #40

Mini Monday: Where my son and I do two “mini” reviews on two children’s books. Each book will get a Thumbs up, Middle Thumb, or Thumbs down rating!

What I Do with Vegetable Glue by Susan Chandler
Illustrated by Elena Odriozola

Hardcover, 24 pages
Published May 15th 2012 by Sky Pony Press
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“When my right arm fell off, I knew what to do.
I stuck it back on, with vegetable glue.” This is a
quirky story about a little girl who refuses to eat
her vegetables. Suddenly things start falling off her
body! Her right arm, her nose, and even her head
roll away and she must use vegetable glue to stick
them back on. Whenever she coughs, something is
bound to go flying from her face—poor kid. Granny
comes to save the day, though, with a bag of wonderful
produce, and the little girl digs in as she realizes
that eating cake for every meal might not be the
healthiest of choices. What I Do with Vegetable Glue
offers a silly story with a very important lesson for
young children to inspire good eating habits—and a
belly laugh or two.

If you’ve been reading my reviews for a while now then you should know I like rhyming books. This book is just that. It’s a funny story that teaches kids that it is important to eat their veggies. I didn’t know that when I picked out the book so that was a pleasant surprise. My son thought there were a couple funny parts. I recommend picking this up if your kid needs some help eating their veggies or if you just want a good book! We also liked the illustrations in this book.

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Holler Loudly by Cynthia Leitich Smith
Illustrated by Barry Gott

Hardcover, 32 pages
November 11th 2010 by Dutton Juvenile
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Holler Loudly has a voice as big as the southwestern sky, and everywhere he goes, people tell him to "Hush!" From math class to the movies and even the state fair, Holler's LOUD voice just keeps getting him into trouble. But when a huge tornado comes twisting into town, Holler (with that voice of his!) saves the day. Readers will cheer for this rollicking story about celebrating our unique gifts, and Barry Gott's bright, fun illustrations will have you hollering for more.

My younger son fits this character perfectly. He is so loud haha! This was a cute book about a little boy named Holler who was extremely loud. Everyone would get mad at him for ruining different things. Until one day when a talking tornado shows up and tries to destroy the town. He yells so loud that he saves the town. Learning when it is appropriate to be loud and quiet. My son liked the park with the tornado. This was also my favorite park. This book had full page illustrations that were really nicely done. Check this book out if you have a loud child.


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