Monday, April 29, 2013

Mini Monday #36

Mini Monday: Where my son and I do two “mini” reviews on two children’s books. Each book will get a Thumbs up, Middle Thumb, or Thumbs down rating!

999 Tadpoles by Kim Kimura
Illustrated by Yasunari Murakami

Hardcover, 40 pages
Published May 1st 2011 by NorthSouth
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“We’ll have to move,” says Mother, after realizing the pond is too small.  But moving a family of 999 young frogs is fraught with danger! Hungry snakes are crawling through the grass. Hungry hawks are flying through the sky. A young frog makes a mighty tasty morsel.  

Never underestimate the quick wits of 999 young frogs!


This is a cute story about a mom and dad frog that has too many babies! They need to move to another pond and of course have an adventure along the way. They get themselves into an interesting predicament but it works well in the end. My son laughed at a couple different parts in this book. There were full page graphics throughout the book which my son and I both like. No big life lesson in this book just a cute read.


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Lego City: Save This Christmas by Rebecca McCarthy
, 24 pages
Published September 1st 2012 by Scholastic Inc.
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It's Christmas in LEGO® City!

A few crooks are coming up with a plan to steal all the presents at the LEGO City town tree. After several days of hilariously unsuccessful attempts--Christmas Eve has arrived and the crooks make their last attempt to steal all the presents. They creep towards the tree in the dark only to find themselves in the middle of the tree lighting ceremony! The tree is lit, the crooks are carted off to prison, and Christmas is saved!

My son checked out this book from the library at his school. Not sure why he picked the Christmas one but he really likes these Lego books. All of these stories are pretty basic but they are great books for Lego lovers like my son.

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