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Review: Swipe by Evan Angler

Swipe by Evan Angler
Swipe, #1
, 275 pages
Published May 8th 2012 by Thomas Nelson

Everyone gets the Mark. It gives all the benefits of citizenship. Yet if getting the Mark is such a good thing, then why does it feel so wrong?

Set in a future North America that is struggling to recover after famine and global war, "Swipe" follows the lives of three kids caught in the middle of a conflict they didn't even know existed. United under a charismatic leader, every citizen of the American Union is required to get the Mark on their 13th birthday in order to gain the benefits of citizenship.

The Mark is a tattoo that must be swiped by special scanners for everything from employment to transportation to shopping. It's almost Logan Langly's 13th birthday and he knows he should be excited about getting the Mark, but he hasn't been able to shake the feeling he's being watched. Not since his sister went to get her Mark five years ago . . . and never came back.

When Logan and his friends discover the truth behind the Mark, will they ever be able to go back to being normal teenagers? Find out in the first book of this exciting series that is "Left Behind" meets "Matched" for middle-grade readers.

This was a fairly good dystopian read and the first book in a what I believe is going to be a trilogy. There were a couple parts where I thought it was a little slow but overall it was a fascinating read. The last section of the book was probably my favorite though.

This is a very high tech world. Pens and paper don’t really exist anymore. There is only one religion and the United States in now considered the American Union. It consists of three major cities. The story takes place in Spokie but they also talk about the really major city called Beacon.

This books main character is Logan. He becomes extremely paranoid after his sister doesn’t come home from getting The Mark. He feels he is being followed and he is scared of the dark. Since his sister never came home, his mother has been pretty much dead on her feet and his father is a little too babyish to him. He is a very smart kid but of course he is dumb when it comes to girls. He pretty much does whatever they say.

The book also shows the point of view of Erin. She is another main character in the book and becomes one of Logan’s interests. I wouldn’t really say there is any romance in the book but there are a couple parts where they talk about going on dates and what not. It is definitely not a main focal point though. Erin is hard headed and rather racist (I guess you could call it that) towards every one that is Markless. She is a new kid at school and comes from the city Beacon. She just really wants to go home.

You also get small glimpses into the point of views from Blake (a character you meet a little bit into the story), Haley (a partial love interest and problem starter), and Dane (Logan’s best friend).

As I say in every book that has multiple points of view. I love the multiple points of view. That always keeps me interested in reading the book.

I recommend checking this book out and I will definitely be reading the next book in the series.

My Rating:
* I borrowed this book from the library.

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