Friday, August 31, 2012

Review: My Dead Friend Sarah by Peter Rosch

My Dead Friend Sarah by Peter Rosch
, 228 pages
Published April 21st 2012 by Createspace

Mere months into recovery, Max, an alcoholic with twisted control issues, meets Sarah – the same woman that for years he’s habitually dreamt will die after a botched abduction. "Doing the next right thing," a popular AA phrase he’s picked up in the rooms, means befriending Sarah long enough to warn her and hope she takes him seriously. But when Sarah falls in love with Max, his newly sober thinking drives him to choose his overly devoted wife, and he abandons Sarah – even when it condemns her to death. When Sarah goes missing, the NYPD suspects Max’s dream may have been a pre-crime confession. The truth, all of it, lurks inside of Max, but only by drinking again does he recapture the nerve and clarity vital to free his wife, sponsor, and himself from a life imprisoned by lies.

I don’t really like giving bad reviews so this one will be to a minimum. I just really couldn’t get into this book and I only read about a ¼ of it. When reading the synopsis I really thought this was going to be more of suspense book but what I read nothing happened.

The author switched between Sarah and Max as the chapters went on. Sarah was kind of weird and paid for all this therapy but wouldn’t even tell the therapist the truth. Max went through the chapters telling why alcoholics do certain things. (Sort of) I was on the 11th chapter and hadn’t found out why Max drank.

I just unfortunately couldn’t keep reading. To say the least I was bored. The book was written just as thoughts. Almost like a diary but I wouldn’t go that far.

This book had quiet mixed ratings on Goodreads. It seemed like a love it or hate it book.

I do have to say that I saw one negative review on Goodreads that the author had commented on. He was quiet nice and thanked the reviewer for the constructive criticism. That was quiet noble (I think that is the correct word) of him.

I recommend that you at least check this book out. You may be one that really likes it! I wish I did because I never like leaving a book unfinished.

Let me know if you’ve read this and what you thought!


*This book was provided by the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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